Enable teams to achieve there potential, build a stronger company culture, increase team collaboration, and reduce burnout through seamless modules designed for distributed teams.


The #1 app for time-off. Perfect for startups or companies with unlimited PTO – track, request, approve, and analyze employee PTO usage. A new way to manage your team without ever leaving MS Teams workspace!
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Run standup meeting in MS Teams. Be more productive by saving time and enjoy fewer meetings.
Everyone’s opinion matters! Listen to everyone’s voice quickly, even across hybrid workspaces, and save time during long meetings.
Help your team connect and build strong bonds with shoutouts and celebrations. Perfect for remote teams, high-growth startups, and mid size organizations so that no one feels disconnected.

Easy creation of surveys for employees . Collaborate effortlessly by sharing surveys with team members. Capture richer data with advanced survey dashboard .

Dive into the world of data-driven insights with our quizzes analytics dashboard. Track your progress , identify strengths , and discover areas of imporvement.

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