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A seamless solution designed for unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Automated Notifications

Effortlessly stay informed on time-off request statuses with automated notifications integrated into platforms like Microsoft Teams.

Insightful Analysis

Optimize project coordination using our color-coded team availability planner for streamlined meetings and project scheduling insights.

Team Availability Planner

Facilitate Seamless Collaboration with Our Intuitive Team Availability Planner, Enhancing Project Coordination and Meeting Efficiency.

Automated Notifications

Automated notifications, delivered via integrated into platforms like Microsoft Teams, keep employees and managers informed about time-off request statuses

Insightful Analysis

Experience effortless project coordination with our color-coded team availability planner, providing a visual insight into time-off to streamline meetings and project scheduling.

Team Availability Planner

Craft an intuitive team availability planner with color-coded indicators, simplifying project and meeting coordination by visualizing time-off for efficient planning.

Through Udyamo’s portal or MS Teams bot, team members can efficiently request full-day time-off or vacation and keep the team informed.

Receive instant MS Teams notifications for every team member’s time-off request, ensuring you stay informed without missing any applications.

Easy Dashboard Management

Simplify time-off tracking and management with Udyamo. Say goodbye to complicated systems and spreadsheets. Establish time-off policies, handle holidays, assess others’ availability, and more! It’s quick, effective, and user-friendly.

Manage time-off's and enable better collaboration
for your Teams using Time-Offs by Udyamo.

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Custom Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

To request time off , simply add Timeoffs by Udyamo to the respective team and use the compose extension from that channel. Alternatively, you can add the bot to yourself and your team and use the 'timeoff' command in the chat to initiate the timeoff request process.

To subscribe to TimeOffs By Udyamo, visit  https://timeoffs.udyamo.com/  and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. All subscriptions come with a specified number of time-off requests based on the selected plan.

Yes, we offer a free plan with basic features. Check our pricing page for details on limitations and available features.
The free trial will automatically commence upon adding the bot, providing you with one months of unlimited timeoff request.You can extend the trial by visiting our website.

To request time off for a specific date, you can simply type the "timeoff" command in the chat, follow the prompts, and submit your request. This provides flexibility in how you initiate the time-off request process.

Yes, you can request partial time-off using the TimeOffs by udyamo. When submitting your time-off request, specify the start and end times to indicate the duration of the partial time-off. This feature allows for flexibility in managing your schedule, catering to specific time needs.

Yes, you can easily view all your submitted time-off requests, including the complete time-off history, on our website. Log in to your account, navigate to the designated section for time-off history, and access comprehensive details of all your past and present time-off requests. This ensures a convenient and centralized way to track your time-off activities. 

Only users with appropriate authorization(admin) can approve or deny time-off requests. This ensures effective management and coordination within your organization.

Yes, you can cancel your time-off request after submitting it. using website. This feature allows you to manage and adjust your time-off requests as needed.

Yes, TimeOffs By Udyamo provides a comprehensive analytics  where you can visualize and analyze all time-off-related activities. Access to certain analytics features may vary based on your license level.

Subscription management can be done through your account settings on our website  https://timeoffs.udyamo.com/ . For cancellations, please contact our customer support.

We prioritize data security with industry-standard measures to safeguard your information within TimeOffs By Udyamo.