The surveys app lets users create targeted surveys for teams or specific audiences, offereing option like one-time, weekly, monthly and yearly surveys.

Enhanced Team Communication

Fuel team collaboration and boost productivity with Standups By Udyamo—a seamless platform for daily updates and transparent communication, fostering stronger team bonds.

Increased Productivity

Elevate teamwork with streamlined updates - save time, stay focused, and boost overall efficiency. Quickly initiate standups, receive concise updates, and achieve goals effectively.

Informed Decision-Making

Boost collaboration with real-time insights. Our analytics dashboard empowers leaders to make informed decisions, ensuring goal alignment and adaptability for your team.

Receive quick survey feedback in Microsoft Teams with minimal steps. Say goodbye to lengthy meetings and dull discussions.

Get instant feedback in Ms Teams with just a few steps. Avoid long-hauled meeting and boring discussions.

Receive instant MS Teams notifications for every team member’s time-off request, ensuring you stay informed without missing any applications.

1. On landing page click on Add to Slack button or Get started button.

2. Sign In to create your organization on TeamPlus.

3. Go to plugins page and subscribe for required app.

4. After subscription, add application to your workspace.

5. Ready to take control? Let’s start using commands!

Easy Dashboard Management

Stay organized with MS Teams, receiving timely event reminders and survey notifications. Effortlessly create and schedule surveys using user-friendly templates, track responses, and visualize employee participation statistics with intuitive graphs on your dashboard.

Get the pulse of your team with our easy-to-use Survey by Udyamo

No surprise fees. Cancel anytime!

Custom Plan

$ 0

Unlimited surveys + Unlimited responses/month until paid plan

Standard Plan

$ 5 /month

Unlimited surveys with 10,000 responses/month

Pro Plan

$ 25 /month

Unlimited surveys with 60,000 response/month


$ --

Elevate your enterprise collaboration to new heights. Contact our team to unlock the full potential of customized solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surveys By Udyamo is a comprehensive survey platform available on both Microsoft Teams and as a standalone website. It allows users to create, manage, and analyze surveys for various purposes. You can create surveys using templates, analyze responses, and utilize advanced features like recurring schedules and pulse surveys.

To subscribe to Surveys By Udyamo, visit   https://surveys.udyamo.com/  and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. All subscriptions come with unlimited survey creation, but responses may be limited based on your chosen plan.

Yes, we offer a free trial with limited survey responses. You can extend the trial by visiting our website.

Yes, you can view all your created surveys in the "Created Surveys" section. This includes both pending and completed surveys.

In the survey creation section, you can set up recurring schedules for surveys. Choose the frequency, timing, and other details to automate your survey process.


Yes, Surveys By Udyamo provides predefined templates with multiple question types to streamline the survey creation process.

Pending surveys can be found in the "Pending" tab of the survey page. It lists all surveys for which you haven't responded yet.

A pulse survey is designed for quick health checks within an organization. It has a separate dashboard for pulse health check insights, providing focused analytics for organizational well-being.

Completed surveys can be found in the "Completed" tab of the survey page. Here, you can review responses and analyze the data.

Yes, Surveys By Udyamo provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard where you can visualize and analyze survey responses.

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription to increase the number of survey responses. Visit the subscription section on our website for details.

Subscription management can be done through your account settings on our website https://surveys.udyamo.com/. For cancellations, please contact our customer support.