Learn how your people are feeling and create a culture of accountability where your employees feel heard.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Revolutionize team interaction through dynamic polls, ensuring comprehension, and collecting valuable feedback. Leverage the visual appeal of polls to elevate clarity and promote seamless collaboration.

Informed Decision-Making

Unlock the power of real-time insights with Udyamo Polls, empowering your decision-making process. Effortlessly streamline team opinions, fostering enhanced efficiency and seamless collaboration within your workspace.

Efficient Communication

Elevate team communication with interactive polls, ensuring understanding, gathering feedback, and fostering alignment. Harness the visual nature of polls for enhanced clarity and seamless collaboration.

Effortless Poll Creation for Impactful Insights!


Craft impactful polls seamlessly with Udyamo’s intuitive platform. Gain real-time insights for informed decision-making.

Accelerate Feedback in MS Teams, Transform Meetings Instantly!

Easy Dashboard Management

Elevate your polling experience with Udyamo, where simplicity meets sophistication – enjoy effortless poll creation and insightful data management through our user-friendly dashboard.

Get the pulse of your team with our easy-to-use Polls by Udyamo

No surprise fees. Cancel anytime!

Custom Plan

$ 0

Unlimited polls + 25 responses/month until paid plan

Basic Plan

$ 10 /month

Unlimited polls with 1500 responses/month

Standard Plan

$ 25 /month

Unlimited polls with 5000 responses/month

Pro Plan

$ 50 /month

Unlimited polls & 25000 responses/month

Annual Plan

$ 40 /year

Unlimited polls & 500 responses/month

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a poll, simply add Polls by Udyamo to the respective team and use the compose extension from that channel. Alternatively, you can add the bot to yourself and your team and use the 'polls' command in the chat to initiate the poll creation process.

To subscribe to polls By Udyamo, visit https:/polls.udyamo.com/  and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. All subscriptions come with unlimited polls creation, but responses may be limited based on your chosen plan.

Yes, absolutely! You have multiple options to create polls. In a team or group chat, simply add Polls by Udyamo to the respective team and use the compose extension. Additionally, you can add the bot to yourself and your team, then initiate poll creation by using the 'polls' command in the chat. This ensures flexibility and convenience in creating polls within your collaborative spaces.

Anything that can be interpreted as an answer to your poll question will be counted as a response.

If you reach your response limit, you can create poll but you will no longer be able to collect responses to your poll. You can upgrade your plan to increase your response limit.

No, you do not need a license to respond to a poll.Anyone can participate and respond to polls without the need for a specific user license. Responses are counted based on the metrics of the Polls by Udyamo service, aligned with their respective plans.

The response count is calculated at the tenant level, and it refers to anything that can be interpreted as an answer to your poll question will be counted as a response.  To find detailed information about your plan, including the allocated response count and any associated limitations, please refer to the Pricing page on our platform's website. The Pricing page provides a comprehensive breakdown of each plan's features, usage limits, and associated costs.

Yes, you can add polls to group chats. To use them, simply employ the extension functionality, similar to how it is done in teams.

Subscription management can be done through your account settings on our website  https://polls.udyamo.com/ . For cancellations, please contact our customer support.

Yes, we offer a free plan with basic features. Check our pricing page for details on limitations and available features.
The free trial will automatically commence upon adding the bot, providing you with one months of unlimited polls and limited responses.