Employee engagement is not just a trend. It is a crucial factor that determines the success of your organization.
With shoutouts and celebrations, you can help your team connect and form strong bonds! Ideal for remote teams, high-growth startups, and mid-size enterprises where individual contributors can feel disconnected.

Effortless Celebration Hub

Discover the Effortless Celebration Hub – your go-to for seamless recognition and joyous moments. Effortlessly celebrate achievements and strengthen team bonds with ease

Celebration Anytime, Anywhere

Embrace Celebration Anytime, Anywhere – where acknowledgment knows no bounds. Elevate moments, recognize achievements, and foster team spirit from any location, at any time.

Customizable Visibility

Unlock Customizable Visibility with Engage, tailoring your shoutouts for public or private celebrations. Effortlessly adapt to your team's preferences, ensuring recognition is personalized and seamless.

Recognize your best employees, boost your team culture because Together Everybody Achieves More!

Anything can be celebrated. Engage by Udyamo makes it easier to celebrate all the significant events at your organization.

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1. On landing page click on Add to Slack button or Get started button.

2. Sign In to create your organization on TeamPlus.

3. Go to plugins page and subscribe for required app.

4. After subscription, add application to your workspace.

5. Ready to take control? Let’s start using commands!

Unite and shine with Engage by Udyamo - because every
team member deserves a little extra love!

No surprise fees. Cancel anytime!

Custom Plan

$ 0

Unlock recognition with our Free Custom Plan – where appreciation knows no limits.


$ 0.5 /user/month

Ignite collaboration effortlessly with our Custom Plan – recognition that sparks teamwork.


$ 4 /user/annually

Year-long collaboration with our Annual Standard Plan – recognition that lasts.


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Unlock tailored solutions with our Enterprise Plan – Contact our team to elevate your collaboration to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a shoutout using the Engage app, start by adding the bot to your team or chat. Once the bot is added, head over to the home tab and locate the "Give Shoutout" button. Click on it to initiate the shoutout creation process.

To subscribe to Engage By Udyamo, visit   https://engage.udyamo.com/  and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. All subscriptions come with unlimited shoutout creation.

Yes, we offer a free plan with basic features. Check our pricing page for details on limitations and available features.
The free trial will automatically commence upon adding the bot, providing you with one months of unlimited shoutouts.You can extend the trial by visiting our website  https://engage.udyamo.com/ .

To give a shoutout to an individual, navigate to the home tab and click on the "Give Shoutout" button. Select the employee you want to appreciate, customize your message, and hit send.


Absolutely! You can give shoutouts to entire teams. Simply choose the team option and channel when creating a shoutout, and your message will be visible to all team members in the general channel.

Absolutely! WitEngage By Udyamo, you have the flexibility to receive shoutouts in both your direct messages (DMs) and team channels. When giving a personal shoutout, you can choose the visibility to be either in your DMs, team channel, ensuring you can celebrate achievements publicly or privately as preferred.

Only users with a valid license can give reactions and comments on shoutouts. This ensures a more engaged and meaningful interaction among licensed users.

Licensed users have the privilege to react to and comment on any shoutout. This feature is designed to encourage a supportive and interactive community within your organization.

Yes, you can view all your created shoutouts in the "Shoutouts" section. This includes all shoutouts.

Subscription management can be done through your account settings on our website  https://engage.udyamo.com/ . For cancellations, please contact our customer support.

We prioritize data security with industry-standard measures to safeguard your information within Engage By Udyamo. Our commitment to data protection applies to all users with valid licenses.